The battle between humans and aliens has begun


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Unvanquished is an offshoot from the classic game Tremulous. Like Tremulous, it is a mix of first-person shooter and RTS, and puts humans and aliens into fierce head to head battle from which only one side can emerge victorious.

Both sides are controlled by a team of players and each has their own particular strengths and weaknesses. Humans have futuristic weaponry that gives them the advantage over long distances, while the alien’s main strength lies in blending themselves into their surroundings.

However, Unvanquished is not all running and shooting. A very important part of the game is to secure each side's base. To do so, you can use different structures and items, with which can defeat your enemies without ever having to pull the trigger.

It is the combination of first-person shooter and RTS that makes Unvanquished such a special game. That and the fact that it is under constant development, so that with each update the game gets several new features and improvements to everything from the graphics to the actual gameplay itself.

Unvanquished is a great combination of action and strategy, that creates an excellent atmosphere in which to put humans and aliens in a confrontation from which only one side will escape with their lives.
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